History and Legend


Over time, the b & b has been a fortified area of the village in defense of the territory, a place of work as it housed a small oil mill for the production of olive oil and a home for the inhabitants of the town. Its history is most evident in the ancient tavern where small artifacts found during the renovation of the building are exhibited. As in any self-respecting ancient place, here too we find a legend handed down by the locals.

A boy named Martino who lived in the house with his family, during the November olive harvest, found an olive with changing colors under a tree. A strange olive, in fact, because it is as hard as a diamond and covered with very thin engravings. So he decided to keep it as if it were a good luck charm, and hid it in the cellar of the house. But from that day on, its olive trees stopped producing fruit and on every full moon night, a melodious song could be heard rising up to heaven. Martino then hid in the cellar and with amazement he saw a girl with very long silver hair who, sitting on ancient steps (still present in the foundations of the b & b) sang her melancholy for having been locked up in that cold and dark place. He understood then that the girl was none other than the Olive he had found long ago ... The next morning, with the Olive in his pocket, he reached the hill in front of his house and interred it by reciting ancient litanies that he had taught him about. his parents. And so it was that the trees began to bear fruit and the song of the Olive Fairy turned into the rustle of the wind among the silver branches.